The Truth is out there, somewhere….

Imitaion is leading you to nowhere, it’s making you “become” no one in the end. Some people are a banlisation of what they pretend, think and believe they are. What they do is just a disguise and distraction from their real being.It’s a house of cards build upon a big ego and you shall not dare to touch it. 


Oil and acrylic on cardboard 30 x 31 cm - 11.8 ” x 12.2 “

I got 3 different new Artprints online, limited edition to 8 and 10, for 10 and 12,60 €
handsigned and numbered UV-Fine Art Print 
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The Rabbit Hole (Matrix)

acrylic on cardboard 30 x 24 cm / 11.8 ” x 9.4 “

I’m working on this right now, it’s called the Rabbit Hole

i’m drinking some wine and was looking at some old stuff and found this, today it looks better to me then it did back then. Its a self-portrait from a foto trying to do a symbolic painting about Nightmares/Depression. I never finished it and painted it over later, right now I’m pretty dissapointed, that I didn’t see it was just right good like this.

Madrid Souvenirs: new sketchbook, a Madrid patch, silly foto-machine prints, the kitchiest shirt I could find and a postcards of Boschs “Garden of Delights” which I’ve visited in the Museo del Prado.

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Pictures from my wall at La Fabrica in Madrid, show runs for the next 10 days, so if you like to see it or purchase an original painting, don’t miss it out.

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strange, askant mirrors in my hotel room and huge metro photographies in Madrid

a little madrid souvenir, the worst one will follow tomorrow, its the kitchiest shirt I could find

I’m leaving to Madrid early tomorrow morning, I must say, I’m pretty excited.


love this!