I’m leaving to Madrid early tomorrow morning, I must say, I’m pretty excited.


love this!

I added some designs for dark shirts in my society6
I can’t wait to “were” the first one 

I did this last night, its a present for my neighbour who always feets my cats when I’m gone.

working on a new comic / series: Stories that Life tells

Some peoples minds are a house of cards build upon the fundament of asininity that stands on a planet which is impossible to reach because it is imaginary.

Acrylic and ceramic on a wooden tray 28 x 45,5 cm / 11” x 18”

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The “Sexy Bachelor” pattern

you’ll find the products in my Society6 Store:


this is a part of the bachelor pattern

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There will be a Solo-Show in Madrid with plenty of my artwork - Opening Oct 8, 20:00 at La Fabrica.

Check out this link for more informations:


I have some “sexy” Bachelor products in my Society6 Store 

The Bachelor 

(I’m working on a pattern with this)

Excerpt from a new Werewurf Story (the Werewurf goes over the Edge)

My dear Werewurf